Taurus Baby Horoscope

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Symbol - The Bull
Ruling Planet - Venus
Birthstone - Emerald
Lucky Flower - Lily of the Valley
Lucky Color - Yellow

The Taurus personality

Taurus child is solved, practical, been obstinate, and preserving. It or it is reliable and rigorous in the speech and the action.

Taurus kids can be known to retain the emotions and the desires of provocation until releases. Taurus children who learn how to control their emotional overflows can develop into sensitive and intuitive.

Taurus baby likes the beauty and the harmony and the disorganization loathes. Taurus babies are also generous, Kindhearted, reliable, solid and intense desired. They like the good things of the life, but are seldom too dramatic or charismatic.
Taurus Sun sign baby will be endowed with many talents. It or it will be with right direction work and which it is in load of others as well as things to be made with the ground, like the real estate, of the mines and oil fields. Taurus kid is often qualified at positions of trust, like a doctor, a nurse or a judge. Even if the practice is a strong part of Taurus make-up, baby of Taurus sign can also make marvelous artists, in particular in the fields of architecture, design of interior, and the textiles.

Taurus babies are most compatible with Virgos and Capricorns.